Warisan Told To Stop The Blame Game On Covid-19

Warisan President Shafie Apdal need not send his henchmen to defend the indefensible and do his dirty job of running down the GRS government.

He must be so flustered by Tan Sri Musa Aman’s open letter that he got Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin and Luyang assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe to do his bidding.

It is laughable that the two, in a feeble attempt, tried to throw the ball back in Musa’s court, accusing him of starting the blame game on who is the real culprit behind the escalation in Covid-19 cases in state and country.

While we understand the need for DAP to defend their leader in the coalition, they should accept the truth instead of twisting the facts.

The following are facts:
-Musa has been quiet on this issue all this while, preferring to take the high road instead.
-Warisan Propaganda machine is in full gear, continuously bombarding netizens with postings of graphics and comments by bloggers and their cytros, pointing fingers at the PM, Tan Sri Musa Aman, GRS, and everyone else but themselves for the spread of the virus.
-To make matters worse, even supposedly learned seasoned politicians in DAP has since jumped on the bandwagon in spreading outright lies and slander on who is responsible for this fiasco.
Hence, let me ask the good people of this country, who started playing the blame game and keep spinning this issue?

In this regard, a person can only tolerate so much especially when he or she is being singled out as the person responsible for something that has cost lives, devastated livelihoods and crippled the economy.

Everyone has a breaking point and it is a good thing that Musa has decided to set the record straight on what led to the dire situation that the nation is confronted with and Sabah in particular.

Warisan Plus need to own up to being the catalyst for the Covid-19 case spikes in Sabah and the rest of the country instead of shifting the blame to others.

Warisan President Shafie Apdal should hold himself accountable for wrongly advising the TYT to dissolve the Sabah State Assembly, a move that led to the snap elections in Sabah in the midst of a pandemic.

Instead of continuously spinning the blame game in the mainstream and social media for political mileage, Warisan Plus should fess up to the blunder they committed.

Unfortunately, I must admit that Warisan leaders are savvy at bending the truth and skilled at propagating lies. Shafie Apdal himself has mastered the art of spinning issues using his propaganda machine, and in its course, has managed to fool its supporters into believing even the most absurd of things.

Case in point when Mohammadin Ketapi nonchalantly claimed during his campaign trail that the Covid-19 pandemic in Sabah is not real but is instead all an act.

Everyone has seen the widely circulated video of him asking his supporters to kick and step on those who ‘pretend’ to have been fallen sick from Covid-19.

This is the one of most disturbing things I have seen and heard. What kind of a leader tells his people to defy science and ignore the virus because it does not exist, adding that it would magically disappear after the elections?

Now I would like to ask Mohammadin, are the hundreds of people infected in Sabah including the east coast all actors and those who have perished just playing dead? One must realize that Shafie announcing to the world that he would rather die than hand back power to Musa is not a sign of valor or courage but of greed for power.

My advice to Warisan Plus leaders and their partners, stop wagging the dog in an attempt to mislead the people in this country.

Warisan plus has without hesitation claimed that the mocked up Ministry of Health under their watch achieved so much in terms of managing the Covid-19 pandemic in Sabah.

It is only till recently the people come to find out that Covid-19 related cases were handled by the Sabah Covid-19 Command, not the Ministry of Health as claimed by the party.

Warisan Plus has extended so much of its resources on endless politicking since it robbed the government after GE14, while in government and even after it lost the government.

Perhaps it would be wise for them to channel those resources and use those under their payroll for good especially during these difficult times.

If Shafie refuses to admit that he is responsible for this catastrophe, at the very least get his people to stop the political spin on who is at fault.

Warisan Plus would be better off stopping this narrative and let the issue die a natural death instead of making its leaders look foolish.

Ceasar Mandela Malakun
Naib Ketua Armada Nasional

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