Diktator dan Kleptokrat Sebenar Ialah Dr Mahathir – Salleh Said

Antara jentera pembangkang bertanggungjawab mengelar Dr M sebagai Diktator aka Mahafiraun

Kalau kita bercerita bab politik Dr Mahathir semasa dia menjadi Perdana Menteri, 22 tahun yang lalu. Nescaya banyak perkara yang boleh dipersoalkan dan akan menjadi beban kepada pembangkang.

Baru-baru ini Menteri Komunikasi, Salleh Said mempersoal kandungan artikel The Dictator yang ditulis oleh Dr Mahathir.

Tulisan Dr Mahathir itu bertujuan untuk menyindir kepimpinan PM Najib Razak yang beliau anggap sebagai pemimpin kleptokrat dan diktator.

Sedangkan pada hakikatnya Dr Mahathir lah yang sebenarnya diktator dan kleptokrasi.

Ujar Salleh Said selama tempoh 22 tahun siapa sebenarnya yang mendapat jolokan dictator dan kleptokrat serta dituduh memiliki kekayaan yang melampau, bukan kah Dr M? dan siapa pula yang melontarkan jolokan dan tuduhan itu, bukan kah musuh politiknya yang sekarang menjadi rakan politiknya di kem pembangkang?

Atau kah sebenarnya artikel Dr Mahathir itu bertujuan untuk menyindir sekutu politiknya iaitu PH. Ujar Menteri Komunikasi Salleh Said 😁


  1. Bukak minda kau dan baca ni………………Cilok from Din Merican Blog

    A Message to UMNO’s Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn:
    We MAF Veterans are Patriots and you are a Racist
    By Major (R) Mior Rosli (TUDM) (received via e-mail)

    I wish the Defence Minister, the Deputy Defence Minister read and listen
    to what I have to say very carefully.

    Yesterday, you, Hishammudin accused Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan of being Racist. I demand your apology to us because it is not us who are racist. It is you. Don’t you remember when you were the UMNO youth chief?
    You unsealth the Keris, waved it in the air and demand for Chinese blood?
    Isn’t that Racist and dangerous? The Police should have charged you under ISA, put you behind bars and throw the key. We don’t need Racist people like you leading a multi-racial country. Now just because the elections is round the corner you have the cheek to talk about increasing the number of non- Malays in the Armed Forces. Something that we have heard many many times over many many years. It is pure hogwash.

    Let me tell you and all your bloody UMNO goons. THERE ARE NO RACIAL CONFLICTS NOR SENTIMENTS AMONG SOLDIERS WITHIN THE MAF. We have gone through tough and team training day and night for 6 months for the other ranks and 12 months training for the officers. We ate, slept, trained, sweat, cried and laughed together. After recruit or cadet training we were enlisted and Commission into various corps and services. Except for the Royal Malay Regiment, in all corps and services we were never bothered if one is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, IBAN or kadazan. Our loyalty only goes to our Commander whatever race and religion they are, to our Corps/services, to the MAF, to our King and country. That’s was how we were taught and trained.

    During both the Emergencies (1948-1960/1960-1989), during the confrontation with Indonesia, and the war in Sarawak till the early 90s.. we fought like brothers to defend this country and maintain the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of this country. We make sure people like you to be safe and maintain your freedom in this country.

    You were never there to see our comrades die,got their legs and arms blown off. You were never there to see how their wives and children cried when their husbands came back in coffins or without legs or arms.

    You were born with a silver spoon. You are no more than a show off, a low down phony. Donning a military uniform, with a Commando beret, with senior airborne wings on your chest. You make many veterans sick, looking at your stupidity.

    During the emergencies combating the CTs (Communist Terrorists) there were many non-Malays did clandestine operations, became agents inside the enemy troops and acted as rubber tappers,farmers, etc. Some were caught and killed.

    Our pilots, many were non-Malays too were shot down, and when they did their rescue, bodivac and medical missions, don’t care the dead or injured were Malays, Chinese, Iban or Indians or what ever race they were.

    Kanang Anak Langkau from the 8th Battalion of the Royal Ranger Regiment who became one of the most decorated war heroes in Malaysian military history was the grandson of an Iban headsman. Growing up in a remote part of Sarawak meant that a formal education was scarce, but Kanang was receiving a different kind of education as a child from his grandfather. Kanang would often follow his grandfather on hunting trips in the jungle where he was taught to read the signs of plants, the sounds of the animals, the smells in the wind, and the ways of becoming a tracker.

    “Agi idup agi ngelaban!” ( “Still alive, still fighting”)
    Today UMNO is kissing lips with the Communist Party of China (CPC). Having closed doors meetings…all for power and money and forgetting their sacrifice so that UMNO can continue to exist until today.

    It is you and (UMNO) policy makers who try to separate and divide us racially. It is your party that makes the quotas for entry and promotions. It is your party that controls who should be generals and who should not.

    Soldiering is a professional job. If you get unskilled people to be promoted, you will get a half-baked Armed Forces. A half baked Armed Forces will never be able to defend this country effectively.

    If you want the Chinese to be seen of their loyalty, make the Armed Forces more professional and not political.

    We, the veterans Armed Forces Officers and the ex-senior police officers are the real Patriots, more Patriotic than any of you, “power and kleptocracy” crazy politicians. DON’T EVER BELITTLE US. IF THERE IS A WAR TO DEFEND THIS SOIL, WE WILL BE THE SECOND OR THIRD LINERS BEHIND THE REGULAR FORCES TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY… PLEASE DON’T MESS US UP WITH YOUR POLITICAL DREAMS!

    What your party are doing towards the MAF is degrading them, making them weak, making the Generals like puppets on strings until they do not know to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

    You are making the Rakyat live in a “BOILING FROG SYNDROME”. The moment the Rakyat realised what happened to this country, it will be too late.

    The problem with politicians like you is because you rose up not from grassroots leaders. From the beginning until now you are just “A TORTOISE ON A POLE”. Don’t know how you got up there. You are where you are because your father was the Prime Minister, if not you are nothing.

    We who served from 1948- 1989/91, the majority are still very much alive. Your party betrayed us, ignored us, lied to us and many of us are struggling to live on with our lives, while over all these years you and your party members became kleptocrats and took away what actually belongs to us and the Rakyat.

    May Allah curse all of you if you don’t realise what you did wrong.


    Maj Hj Mior Rosli TUDM (Bersara)

    HAHAHA…….Tula, terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak cakap….???
    Same goes to KERUAK. Entah dia faham ke tak makna DIKTATOR
    & KLEPTOKRASI. Cakap main hentam je untuk mengampu.
    Contoh orang yang half baked dilantik pegang jawatan penting


  2. Saleh Keruak kau gunakan sebagai sumber rujukan, Jalinluin.
    Hilang semua hormat aku kat kau.
    Kau ni sama macam blogger cap ayam umno/Pas.
    Carilah sumber yang boleh dihormati macam Tok Pa, menteri perdagangan Antarabangsa. English dia perfect. Ini qualification dia;
    1st class in Ekonomi University of Melbourne, Australia pada 1973 dan mendapat Ijazah Sarjana Pembangunan Ekonomi pada 1982 dari Boston University, Amerika Syarikat.:
    Si Keruak ni, entah apa kelulusannya.
    Aku google kat pakcik WIKI, qualification dia takat sebut academic,
    Qualifications – PhD in Politics & Government
    – Master’s in Political Science & Government
    – Bachelor’s in Political Science
    Nampak nor kelulusan tipu, tak berani nak nyebut nama universiti dan
    tahun berapa dia lulus supaya orang boleh rujuk carian kat universiti
    berkaitan. Setiap kali bukak mulut, sound like budak lulus SPM
    gred 3 je. Memang kerbau si Keruak ni.


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