Kenyataan Rasmi TS Musa Aman Berhubung PTI (WARISAN)

Kenyataan Rasmi Tan Sri Musa Aman.

For immediate release:

May 27, 2019

*Warisan told to stop finger pointing on illegals immigrant issue*

KOTA KINABALU:Warisan should be looking for credible solutions to the illegal immigrant issue in Sabah instead of simply pointing fingers at the previous administration for the problem.

Whenever the present State Government is queried on matters pertaining to illegal immigrants, it goes on the defensive and gears into the politics of distraction by looking for a fall guy.

In this case, they have conveniently decided to pick on me for political mileage.

I unequivocally deny any involvement in Project IC. Neither the authorities nor the RCI have found me guilty of any involvement.

The Deputy Home Minister, Ajis Jamman decided to engage in political mischief by falsely alleging my involvement in Project IC.

As to why I did not sue the author of the book on my alleged involvement in Project IC, the allegations were so absurd and false that there was no need to dignify them with a response especially since I was busy administering the government.

Sabahans have become increasingly suspicious in respect of documentation being granted to illegal immigrants in the State. Our fears are justified.

This serious threat to Sabah’s security only surfaced since after Warisan dubiously came into power last year.

This concern is real especially in light of the various news and social media postings which have reported the unusually frequequent breakout of kampong fires in major squatters settlements throughout Sabah followed by stories of NRD mobile trucks turning up soon after and issuing new documents to the ‘fire victims’.

One cannot blame the people for this growing suspicion when one’s own State Government proposes policies such as establishing squatter colonies on a border island.

Nonetheless, I welcome the recent decision by the police to open an investigation paper on the “Citizen Drive” linked to Warisan.

I also propose that an investigation paper on the multitude of major squatter fires that started as early as June of last year.

We have nothing against giving bona fide documents being issued to foreigners who have lived here for a considerable period of time. This is not a race issue.

We are against the provision of documents such as Mykads to illegal immigrants who have encroached our borders recently and become fly by night citizens.

This, if left unchecked will pose a security threat and undermine the sovereignty of the nation.

Tan Sri Musa Haji Musa Aman
Sungai Sibuga Assemblyman

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